Krysten Kaladkarin: Who is it for?

Krysten Kaladkarin is a travel blog that features the spontaneous adventures of 22-year-old solo female traveler Krysten Mariann Boado.

With the ultimate goal to present testaments of human kindness and tell the stories of the world, Krysten Kaladkarin is dedicated to the unheard, to those who wish to proclaim their narratives, and to those who prove that humanity is indeed bound together by countless threads. 

Krysten Kaladkarin aims to be more than just a travel blog with insights and itineraries. We aim to tell stories, to inspire people to trust the world and embark into the unknown. We promote compassion, acceptance and solidarity across all races and religions. We want to touch lives both online and on the road through cultural exchange and societal understanding.

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